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How To Get An Instant Bike Insurance Quote Online ?

India is a strong contender towards becoming the two-wheeler capital of the world. Almost every household has one or more bikes as their primary mode of transport. Both rural and urban dwellers prefer the convenience and efficiency of a two-wheeler commute.

As easy and cost-effective as bikes are, getting the right bike insurance for it can be a tedious process. With a plethora of options available, all flashy and offering the best deals, the process of getting bike insurance can overwhelm you.

Do I need Bike Insurance ?

Apart from insurance being a safety net for your life and bike, it is legally required for every two-wheeler owner and rider to have a basic Third Party insurance cover. Comprehensive bike insurance is a more holistic option, taking care of accidents both on and off the road.

Not having an insurance policy can be pretty risky, both for your life and your pocket. You can be fined up to ₹4000 and risk imprisonment of up to 3 years. Moreover, Insurance is a blanket for uncertain times. Accidents can happen anytime and having a solid insurance policy to lean on can alleviate the pain.

Where can I get Bike Insurance?

We can easily get lost in the jargon and purchase a bad policy that ends up burning a hole in our pocket. However, we are lucky to be part of the Internet Generation with the entire world’s information on our fingertips.

Just a short Google search can help you get a bike insurance quote. All you need to get a bike insurance quote is your vehicle registration number and mobile number.

You can compare the quotes from different companies, choose the policy cover which suits you best and buy a bike insurance policy online. The process is quick, safe and convenient.

Is it safe to buy Bike Insurance Online?

Insurance is serious business. But buying the right insurance policy is a fairly easy task! The aim is to avail a good, solid insurance cover at a reasonable rate.

Any and all doubts related to bike insurance can be resolved online, usually on the websites or mobile applications of the insurance companies. If you’re still not convinced, these companies have experts available to talk to who can guide you through the process. You can enquire about the claim process, add on covers on offer and even avail discounts on your policy! Buying bike insurance online is a convenient and customer-friendly process.

Safety of life and property is a priority for everyone. With online bike insurance, securing safety is literally in your hands!

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