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Virginia Medigap Plans

Virginia Medigap supplemental insurance plans are supplemental insurance policies that are designed to cover the gaps in Part A and Part B of Medicare (traditional Medicare).

Purchased from private insurance companies, this insurance pays coinsurance, deductibles, co-payments, other out-of-pocket expenses and extra benefits not covered under traditional Medicare.

According to the Bureau of Insurance, Life and Health Division, in Virginia, there are two ways to supplement your Medicare coverage:

  1. You can purchase Virginia Medigap plans from any private insurance company licensed in the state
  2. Your most recent employer may offer coverage through a retiree health plan

Coverage purchased through either option should pay most, if not all, coinsurance and deductible amounts not covered under your traditional Medicare plan.

Virginia Medigap Plans

Medigap is NOT meant to replace your traditional Medicare but compliment it. Most Medicare recipients choose to receive the max benefits to gain piece of mind. To obtain maximum coverage for your healthcare costs you want to have traditional Medicare, Part D prescription drug coverage and a Virginia Medigap plan to supplement the remaining costs.

A Medigap policy is different from Medicare Advantage. MA plans are to get additional Medicare benefits, while Virginia Medigap policies supplement your Original Medicare benefits. If you have an Advantage plan you can’t purchase a Medigap plans in Virginia, the two do not complement one another.

According to Karen Millen, a licensed agent, policies do no cover any form of cosmetic surgery unless medically necessary.

Some Medicare beneficiaries end up canceling their Advantage plan in order to qualify for a supplement plan. Do not cancel your Advantage plan before talking to one of our licensed agents in your state.

Virginia Medigap Insurance Plans for Under 65

For those who receive Medicare and are under the age of 65, supplement plans are not required by the state of Virginia. However, even though the state doesn’t require a carrier to offer them, they may still be available through some carriers. Call one of our licensed agents in Virginia today to find out more!

Fun fact, back in 2014 the total spent on Medicare in Virginia reached almost 13 million dollars! That means the total spending per enrollee was around $9,700.

Between the years 1991 and 2014, the average percent growth in spending from the state increased almost 8% and the average percent growth in spending per enrollee increased over 5%. Gender distribution was divided up by 42% male and 58% female in 2015.

Illegal Practices to Look for:

Watch out for these illegal practices:

  • Medigap is private health insurance, claims that it’s part of the Medicare program or any other federal program is illegal
  • Claim that a Medicare Advantage Plan is a Medigap policy
  • Sell you a Medigap policy that can’t legally be sold in your state
  • Unless you notify the insurance company in writing of canceling your existing policy, a second policy cannot be enforced until the previous plan is canceled
  • Sell you a Medigap policy if they know you have Medicaid, except in certain situations
  • Unless your coverage under the Medicare Advantage Plan will end before the effective date of your new Medigap policy, insurance company cannot sell you a supplement policy
  • Misuse the names, letters, or symbols of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), Social Security, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), or any of their various programs like Medicare.
  • Claim to be a Medicare representative if they work for a supplement brokerage

Top Virginia Medigap Providers

United Healthcare Medigap Plans are known to be one of the top carriers for state of Virginia Medigap Plans. AARP healthcare options are licensed to sell UnitedHealthcare plans to seniors with Medigap benefits in Virginia. The company has sold plans for over 14 years and have earned their A+ rating from A.M best company.


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